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Günther Reinhard Klingelhöffer


10/28/1928 - 09/22/2017

After 88 years of a fulfilled life our member and former executive secretary Günther Reinhard Klingelhöfer passed away on September 22nd, 2017.

Günther was born on October 28th, 1928 in Ilmenau, Thuringia. His father was a skilled banker and his mother took care of their home. Günther had three siblings, Anneliese, Reinhard and Peter. Until 1942 Günther went to grade and grammar school in Gera. After that he continued his education in a German boarding school in Eichenbrück. The area at that time was called Warthegau.

After three years of apprenticeship on a farm Günther passed the exam as a skilled farmer. Thereafter he went to agricultural college in Gera and Triptis. After his studies he was supposed to become an agronomist in one of the emerging agricultural production cooperatives (LPG). Günther didn’t want to continue this kind of profession. With a heavy heart he fled from his home in order to begin a new life in the West of Germany.

In Duisburg he met Edith, who later became his wife.. He found work at Mannesmann, a big steel producer in the Ruhr Valley. After some years he was responsible for up to 500 employees as foreman. After 18 years of marriage Edith’s and Günther’s son Markus was born. Günther was proud that Markus was the first of the next Klingelhöfer generation.


Günther was a member of the Family Association since June 15th, 1991 and was active as secretary from 1996 until 2005. During his term Günther organized many family reunions. Günther organized local reunions in Dorsten and Bochum. He was also very much engaged in the interests of the Family Association. We would like to emphasize his work on the family journal “Der Glockenschlag”, which Günther edited for a long time each year around Christmas.


We remember Günther Reinhard Klingelhöfer with gratitude and will preserve his memories.

Our sincere sympathy,
Board and Family Council.
Karl-Heinz Klingelhöfer, 1. President

Fritz Klingelhöffer


On March 21st, 2017 Fritz passed away at the age of 77 years. He was a founding member and president of the family association.


Fritz Klingelhöffer was co - initiator of the first Klingelhöfer reunion in 1986 in Rosenthal as well as founding member of the family association Klingelhöfer-Klingelhöffer e.V. on June 15th in Alsfeld. 


2008 Fritz Klingelhöffer was elected as president. This office he exercised very prudent until 2014. Due to health issues he had to resign from is function in the association. However he stayed in the family council and thus kept supporting the executive board with his knowledge and advice.


Fritz Klingelhöffer gained great respect, trust and friendship through his selfless engagement for the good of the family association.

We will keep him in our memories. sein Andenken stets in Ehren halten.

                 Board and Family Council.

Karl-Heinz Klingelhöfer, 1. President

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