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The family association consists of the following executive bodies :

• Executive board
• Extended board
• Family council

• Family reunion

The executive board consists of the president and vice president and the treasurer.

The extended board has no executive function. It consists of the honorable president and senior of the group, the leader of the research group and archivist, the representative for public relations and the family journal, the interpreter, the youth representative (temporarily not occupied) and the member in charge of special tasks.

The family council is the link between all members, the association and the board.

The family reunion is for all members the general meeting within the meaning of the German Civil Code.

Executive Board


Karl-Heinz Klingelhöfer

36142 Tann/Rhön 


Vice President

Günther Klingelhöfer 

35119 Rosenthal



Ute Antpoehler 

Linnertweg 7

46286 Dorsten-Wulfen


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