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The new Family Chronik is available only in German!

Finally the new family chronic has been finalized and is available. For now 120 copies have been printed. They have all been sold and we are looking into the demand for further prints.

Further information about the book can be found in the flyer on the right.

Lines of decent: Following lines of decent are included:

Branch I: Rauschenberger branch, Hessisches Hinterland from 09/22/1996

Branch II: Wetterer branch with Alsfelder line from 09/22/1996 

Branch III: Weitershäuser branch from 10/15/1997

Branch IV: Calderner branch e.Rosenthaler sub-branch from 10/15/1997

Branch V: Damshäuser branch, sub-branch Erdhausen, branch Mittenaar-Offenbach from 08/22/1998

Branch VI: Calderner branch, Nassauischer sub-branch c. Eibelshausen

Branch VII: Meiershäuser branch with Eschollbrücker sub-branch from 09/22/2000

Branch VIII: Calderner branch 

    a.) Secondary branch gen.Wirt.

    b.) Secondary branch from the Schwanhof.

    d.) Secondary branch from the Deutschordenshof. 

    f.) Secondary branch from the Klosterhof from 10/20/2001

Branch IX: Dammhäuser Stamm from 10/15/2002

Branch X: Großseelheimer branch from 10/15/2003

Branch XI: Brungershäuser branch from 10/20/2004 


The book is currently sold out!

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