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As some of you might know the city of Fulda was suggested as location for our next Family Reunion during the board meeting at our last reunion in Weilburg. In May I 2018 signed a preliminary contract in agreement with our executive board members with the Park Hotel (Kolping) in Fulda. (

The Family Reunion takes place from May 22ndto May 24th, 2020.

Look out!The Family Reunion takes place at the Ascension Day weekend.

Therefore, I suggest to arrive already on Thursday instead of Friday and to combine it with a little vacation in Fulda. You might want to visit the Rhön-region. It’s worth to visit mountain “Kreuzberg” in the national park “Bayrische Rhön” or mountain “Wasserkuppe”. A special discount has been agreed with the hotel for early birds.


A special highlight!  For our members with kids and youngsters I’m working on a program. 

1.) Kinder-Akademie Fulda: It’s the only academy for children that offers a walkable heart. It’s a tour guided by a doctor from the local clinic for cardiac defects. Other games and activities are being offered.

Further info:

2.)  A guided city tour for kids and youngsters.

Further info:  oder

Dear Parents! In case you are interested please inform the board early in order to organize this. It would be great if about 20 kids and youngsters would enroll for the above-mentioned events.

Preliminary Program:

Friday: Day of arrival, joint dinner

Saturday: Board meeting and general meeting

  • For kids & youngsters: Visit of Kinder-Akademie (children’s academy)

  • Joint Lunch

  • Guided tour through Fulda, approx. 2 hrs

  • For kids & youngsters: Guided tour through Fulda, approx. 1,5 hrs.

  • Cake & coffee

  • Joint dinner (buffet) and get-together

Sunday: Joint breakfast

  • Visit of palace “Fasanerie” with joint lunch

  • Farewell



Dear Klingelhöfer / Klingelhöffer families,

as you have probably already noticed I finally managed to update and modernize the website of our association. I hope that you like it!

In case you find things which need to be corrected, or have ideas on changes or enhancements for the website, please let me know.

Email to Alexander Klingelhöfer.



Family Reunion 2017

in the time from 19th to 21st of May 2017 about 45 members of the Klingelhöefer/Klingelhoeffer families met for the family reunion in the beautiful city of Weilburg. A diverse and interesting program was offered, the weather was great and the atmosphere as always very relaxed and joyful. We had three wonderful days together.

During the general meeting o the association on Saturday, May 20th 2017, the executive board and extended board was elected. Following please find the key information:

We would like to thank all parting members of the board for their contributions to the association.

Dirk Klingelhöfer and

Ursula Klingelhöfer

The new executive board, May 2017 in Weilburg


From left to right:

Hans-Jürgen Klingelhöfer, Konstanze Zielinski, Karl-Heinz Klingelhöfer, Ute und Markus Klingelhöfer, Helmut Klingelhöfer, Peter Klingelhöfer, Günther Klingelhöfer, Alexander Klingelhöfer

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Family reunion 2017
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Family reunion 2014
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