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Line of Decent of the Klingelhöfer Family
by Dipl.Archiv. Helmut Klingelhöfer, Rauschenberg


Since 1996 the family association has published the genealogical order of single Klingelhöfer trees and branches titled "Order of ancestors". The following "orders of ancestors" are published until now in DIN A 4 portfolios.


Those portfolios can later be used as the base for the book of the Klingelhöfer/Klingelhöffer history.

The advantage of the portfolio is that supplements or additional pages can easily be added, like it happened with the portfolio III to VI. 

The actualization of the portfolios mainly depends on the answers of those persons who receive these portfolios. 


There we ask you to inform us about changes in the family like birth, marriage, death or divorce, but also marks of distinction, academical degrees or other important changes. 

If you find yourself in one of the family trees but not your children`s names and dates or those of your brothers and sisters, cousins or other relatives, please don`t be annoyed but give us the right information; even if you only know the names and years without dates. 

It is not necessary that the person you give information about is a member of the family association. The portfolios can only be completed with your information. But we have to point out that we can only send those portfolios to members of the Klingelhöfer/Klingelhöffer association without charge.

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